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Kandy Poarch

By the time she was 20 years old, Kandy Poarch had attained licensure first as a Nurse Aide, then a Practical Nurse, and finally a Registered Nurse. “I have wanted to become a nurse since I was a little girl, and I have enjoyed a blessed career. I have had so many opportunities and so many people to push and encourage me as I progressed through different nursing positions. I have enjoyed a wonderful career in my home town caring for my local community. I still learn something every day in my current position as Emergency Department Director.”

Kandy will finish her Masters in Nursing through Grand Canyon University next semester. She says her passion for nursing stays strong because she enjoys working with people and the satisfaction of helping others. She also enjoys caring for other nurses in her management position, “Nurses deserve respect and somebody to care about them, too. “

Kandy started her nursing career in a prison setting, and has since worked in nursing homes, a dialysis center, ICU, telemetry, home health, and various medical/surgical settings. Kandy describes her career as blessed because she has had so many opportunities to grow throughout her career. She adds, “I have been able to change my work settings and schedules over the years to suit my family’s needs. I’ve always been there for my family when I needed to be.”

My advice to potential nurses. “Yes, it takes hard work to become a nurse. It takes caring and compassion and you have to enjoy people. You have to eat, breathe, and sleep nursing to get through nursing education. But, it is so worth it!”