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Maggie Kendrick

Maggie Kendrick is a single mom of two, a practicing LPN, and currently halfway through her Associate’s Degree in Nursing though Southside Virginia Community College.

How does one person manage it all? For Maggie, a native of Nathalie, Virginia, the motivation to be a part of the nursing field is personal.

“When I was 9 years old,” Maggie recalls, “my grandmother had to be placed in a nursing home. My visits to her there were incredibly sobering to me and very eye-opening,” she says.

Later, during high school, Maggie walked beside a dear friend who struggled with Hodgkin's Lymphoma before ultimately succumbing to the disease. Witnessing this heart-wrenching battle left Maggie a different person.

“These experiences are my why,” says Maggie. “These things are what makes it personal for me. Having been so closely involved in these situations, I was determined to obtain a set of skills to be able to help my family and loved ones when they were in need. I wanted to be able to be equipped to help in real and practical ways,” she adds.

When she is not attending classes or caring for her 9 and 2 year old, Maggie works at a nursing facility in Brookneal, Virginia. Although she initially thought a nursing home wouldn’t be a good fit for her, Maggie loves her current job and says some of her patients wait expectantly all day to see her, just to talk to her and tell her about their day.

“You can see this wave of joy come over them when they see my face,” says Maggie.

That joy and accomplishment is shared by Maggie as well who sees her busy life as an opportunity to model a strong work ethic for her growing young ones.

“I want them to look at me and what I’m doing and realize that some things in life you do have to work hard for, and that there are sacrifices involved, but ultimately the payoff is more than worth every minute of the struggle.”

Maggie is slated to complete Southside Virginia Community College’s program and become an RN next year.