The Southern Virginia Higher Education Center

Mailing Address: 820 Bruce Street, South Boston, VA 24592
Phone: 434-572-5440 or toll free 1-800-283-0098
Email:; Fax: 434-572-5462 

Contact information for the SVHEC Staff is below alphabetized by last name.

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Dr. Elizabeth "Betty" Adams, Executive Director 434-572-5551
Scarlett Brandon, SoVA CME Project/Marketing Coordinator 434-572-5473
Virginia Byrd, Administrative Support Specialist, Center of Nursing Excellence 434-572-5568
Vashon Canty, Associate Director of Workforce Advancement 434-572-5488
Belon Jackson, Administrative Support Specialist, Workforce Advancement 434-572-5662
Aaron Chandler, IT Specialist 434-572-5561
Alexander Chappell, Custodian 434-572-5553
Kevin Chrystie, Product Design/Engineer-CAD/CAM/CNC 434-572-5558
Amy Cole, Director of Student Services & Partner Relationships 434-572-5441
Welding Program Leader 434-572-5492
Stephanie Currin, Outreach Coordinator, SVHEC Area Health Education Center 434-572-5563
Sekietha Davis, Operation Support Technician 434-572-5596
Jerry Elliott, Technician IV 434-572-5509
Sandra Ferri, IT Specialist 434-572-5481
Jermaine Gooden, Administrative & Program Assistant 434-572-5553
Ricky Gordon, Programs Technician 434-572-5505
Hope Harris-Gayles, Associate Director, Communications & Outreach 434-572-5446
Darrick Hearns, Help Desk Technician 434-572-5484
Deloris Jones, Project Manager, Workforce Advancement 434-572-5593
David Kenealy, Director of Industry & Workforce Advancement (including R&D CAMEE) 434-572-5557
Robin Mardre-Garrett, Operations & Human Resources Manager 434-572-5487
Mavis Martin, Evening Operations Services Coordinator 434-572-5553
Drew Morris, Simulation Technologist, Center of Nursing Excellence 434-572-5493
Patty Nelson, Chief Financial and Operations Officer 434-572-5470
Meagan Owen, Workforce Training Resource Specialist 434-572-5566
Dr. Nettie Simon-Owens, Chief Economic Advancement Officer 434-572-5477
Kelly Shotwell, IT Academy Program Coordinator 434-572-5660
Will Soyars, Program Leader, Industrial Maintenance/Mechatronics 434-572-5475
Catherine Stevens, Institutional Effectiveness Specialist 434-572-5559
Nelson Stevens, Technology Manager  434-572-5445
Ann Switzer, Associate Director, Center of Nursing Excellence 434-572-5443
LaVerne Taylor, Fiscal Technician 434-572-5485
Brenda Terry, Accounting Manager  434-572-5562
Judy Ward, Coordinator, Volunteer Literacy & English as a Second Language  434-572-5449
Susan Wilborn, Executive Assistant to the Executive Director 434-572-5551

*If you have questions about programs or how to start a program please email Meagan Owen