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Casting call will be held at the SVHEC-Innovation Center

lewisguthrie2015-webCinematography student and Halifax County resident, Lewis Guthrie, will be shooting his second film project in the County this fall. The project, “The Lady in White” is a short film, approximately 20 minutes in length, that Guthrie will submit as his senior thesis to complete his studies at the Zacki Gordon Cinematic Arts Center at Liberty University. Guthrie is holding a casting call at the Southern Virginia Higher Education Center (SVHEC) Innovation Center on Friday, June 12th from 1-5pm.

“The Lady in White” is an original horror film that takes place during a police interrogation of Dan, a man accused of murdering his family. Dan maintains his innocence claiming it to be the work of the mysterious entity known as the Lady in White. Initially skeptical, the detective soon learns the man might be telling the truth as the Lady In White comes to the station to finish what she has started.

“The story actually started as a small short film project for Sam Knapp’s class at the SVHEC while I was a Digital Art & Design student,” Guthrie said. “For my senior thesis, I wanted to expand on it and make the story more in-depth.”

During “The Lady in White” casting call Guthrie is looking to cast the main character Dan, the detective, the police chief, guard and a number of extras as police officers. Individuals attending the casting call should bring their acting resume and be prepared to screen test with provided dialogue. “I want to deliver a high quality, professional film, so I prefer people with prior acting experience but newcomers will be considered. I also welcome any retired law enforcement officers who would like to assist as technical advisors,” Guthrie said.